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Maguta Estate

Meet a young estate farmer

David Maguta, 25, decided to take care of his late father’s land and to relieve his mother from the cooperative by building a small washing station on his late.

Now, he is waiting for his marketer grower license in order to sell his green coffee to foreign market, and roasted coffee for local consumption.

Maguta Estate, is located in Nyeri, Muruguru town, at 1789m asl. The farm is completely organic. There grows several vegetables and fruits, macadamia and banana trees, all treated with the farm animal manure (cows, goat, chicken and sheep). The animals are fed with the organic food growing on the farm.

David and his farm manager, George, grow Ruiru II grafted on SL28 and Batian.

Karibu Kahawa Camps hosted its first SCA education camps at Maguta Estate. For this occasion, David and George join the courses, SCA Sensory Skills intermediate and SCA Green Coffee intermediate, and successfully passed their exams. Karibu Kahawa Camps funded their SCA education and their SCA membership. Both hope to become AST and Q Arabica graders, then teach SCA education to other farmers…

Meanwhile, Maguta Estate will welcome more Karibu Kahawa Camps in April, May and June.


  • Country: Kenya
  • County: Nyeri
  • Altitude: 1789 – 1800m asl
  • 4 hectares
  • Varieties: Batian, Ruiru II grafted on SL28
  • Process: Washed (no soaking), Honey and Natural, Carbonic Maceration
  • Organic
  • Other crops: Banana, Macademia, root vegetables, tree tomato, pineaple, avocado, sunflowers, nappier grass….



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