AVPA – Concours de cafés africains torréfiés à l’origine

SCA Education, Coffee Classes and Events

Participez au 1er concours “Cafés torréfiés à l’origine”
en Afrique

AVPA – Nairobi Septembre 2022


-Café du domaine:
Café d’un seul domaine, torréfié dans la propriété où il a été récolté ou, du moins, sous la responsabilité de l’agriculteur.

-Café Régional :
Café présenté par un torréfacteur régional habitant la Province d’où sont issus les cafés verts torréfiés.

-Café National :
Café présenté par un torréfacteur national résidant dans le pays d’où sont issus les cafés verts torréfiés.


-Comparez-vous avec d’autres producteurs africains d’excellence

Obtenir la reconnaissance du travail accompli et valoriser l’entreprise et ses employés dans leur environnement.

Recevez un avis impartial sur l’acceptation du produit sur le marché africain, français et européen.

Augmenter les ventes sur le marché national et international.


AVPA est une ONG composée principalement de producteurs du monde entier.

Son objectif est de valoriser les…

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AVPA – African Coffee Roasted at Origin Contest

SCA Education, Coffee Classes and Events

Join the 1st “Coffees roasted at origin”contest
in Africa

AVPA – Nairobi September 2022


-Estate Coffee:
Coffee from a single estate, roasted in the property where it was harvested or, at least, under the responsibility of the farmer.

-Regional Coffee:
Coffee presented by a regional roaster living in the Province from which are issued the green coffees roasted.

-National Coffee:
Coffee presented by a nationwide roaster residing in the country from which are issued the green coffees roasted.


-Compare yourself with other African producers of excellence
Obtain recognition for the work done and value the company and its employees in their environment.
Receive an impartial opinion on the product acceptance on the African, French and European market.
Increase sales in the national and international market.


AVPA is a NGO mainly composed of producers from all over the world. Its objective is to…

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Nurtured by Women in Kisii and Migori Counties
Western Kenya

Jackline Akinyi Wanjara

Meet JACKLINE AKINYI WANJARA from Rongo, Migori.
She has three beautiful daughters Moraa, Regine (after me! How flattering!) and Martha.


Jackline associated with FRENCH MISSION ROASTERY Ltd, to create AKYNYI SHAMBA, Coffee and Tea nurtured by Women in Kisii and Migori Counties, Western Kenya.
Jackline Wanjara and French Mission Roastery, will offer only organically grown micro-lot coffee, mainly Natural, Washed and Anaerobic, all grown in Kisii and Migori Counties.
We are planing to grow Blue Mountain, SL28, Ruiru II, K7 and Camellia Sinensis.

As we are also planing to have an AirBnb on our farm to host guests for Farm visits, or run SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) and ESTA (European Speciality Tea Association) courses, or just to relax!

We will share more info and samples soon.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us Farmers2Roasters@KaribuKahawaCamps.com .

Régine Guion-Firmin

Bloomsfield Estate

Fine Cup Robusta – Gulu, Unganda

Meet the Olam Family, Fine Cup Robusta producers from Gulu region in North Uganda, above 1100m above sea level.

Their Robusta is sweet, very fruity, quite tropical, like dragon fruit, jack fruit and mango, medium velvety and creamy body.

They produce Natural and Washed process. Both method delivering a clean finish, without bitterness.

Perfect for morning and afternoon filter, or a after meal cappuccino.

Where can you find Bloomsfield Estate Roasted coffee

Sweden, Upsala – TRIBEUTE
Coffee perfect for Fika!!
Dark roasted, with red fruit jam, caramel, sweet liquorice flavours.

Roasted in Nairobi, Kenya, on the 18/09/2021

Kenya, Nairobi – FRENCH MISSION Roastery
Perfect coffee to start the day!
Strawberry and Blackberry Jam, Sweet Liquorice Sticks, Orange Peel and Dark Cocoa.

50% of the sale of Bloomsfield Estate Roasted Coffee funds the Coffee Education for the Bloomsfield Team!

If you are interested to know more about Bloomsfield Estate and to get their coffee green or roasted, contact them through their Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/bloomsfieldestate/

White Label Roasting

French Mission Roastery Ltd
Riverside Lane
Westland – Nairobi


Coffee Producers, Restaurants, Coffee Shop owners… We can store, roast and bag your coffee!
Just deliver your bags of coffee to our roastery, with your packaging, label…
Tell us how you want to have it roasted, bagged and grind… then come back or organise a pick up.

Price list

Coffee Roasting ….

$2.5/Kg (2.5kg to 5kg )
$2/kg (from 6kg )

Packaging service …. $0.50/bag
Grinding service …. $0.15/bag

COFFEE ASSESSMENT for Coffee Producers

FRENCH MISSION Torréfacteurs
Riverside Lane
off Riverside Drive – Westland
Nairobi – Kenya

WhatsApp – Telegram – Signal +254786 987360
Email and information
 FrenchMission@KaribuKahawaCamps.com / www.FrenchMissionRoastery.com

Coffee Producers!

If you need an assessment (quality control) of your coffee done by coffee professionals – Q graders, Cuppers, ASTs – contact us!
We will give you a report of your green coffee and a cupping score (non CQI certified)

$50 / sample (500g of Green Coffee)
$125 / 3 samples (500g of Green Coffee each sample)


Karibu Kahawa Camps
Riverside Lane
Off Riverside Drive
Westland – Nairobi

WhatsApp – Telegram – Signal +254786 987360
Email and information FrenchMission@KaribuKahawaCamps.com / www.FrenchMissionRoastery.com

Fully fitted cupping Lab for 6 people

  • 36 cupping bowls
  • 24 rinsing bowls
  • 12 cupping spoons
  • 6 spittoons
  • Red light
  • Full set green grading sieves
  • Moisture meter
  • 3 x 5L boiler
  • Commercial grinder

$100 / half day (8am/12pm or 1pm/5pm) + v.a.t.
$150 / full day (8am – 5pm) + v.a.t.


CALLING ALL THE AFRICAN BASED CACAO PRODUCERS, CHOCOLATIERS… to participate to this prestigious contest!
To participate, kindly register on

Download the registration form and the rules and regulations – link below!

Then, kindly contact Régine (+254 786 987360) and / or Maxime (+254 714 788651) through WhatsApp, who will reception your samples by the 20th of April latest in Nairobi, then send them to AVPA on the 23rd of April latest.

You can also email them KaribuKahawaCamps@gmail.com .

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