Monthly SCA Education Camps in Nyeri – April 2019

Karibu Kenya!

Welcome to the first monthly SCA Education Camps in Africa!

Come to Nyeri, Kenya, stay for one week in a Coffee Estate, get your SCA certification, hang out with small holder coffee producers, meet all the people producing your delicious coffee…

…and party in town with the locals!

Who am I?

Régine Guion-Firmin, AST the Karibu Kahawa Camps founder, owner and coordinator, dedicated to bringing Specialty Coffee Education to Origin to empower small holder Coffee Producers.

Due to challenging climatic conditions, coffee growing countries need our help to experiment new avenues to fight these problems.

By having the Karibu Kahawa Camps running in small coffee estates, we will offer our knowledge to the Coffee Producers by working with them and running Green Coffee and Sensory skills workshops for them.

We will offer these services for the Coffee Producers for free!

We will learn from them as much as we teach them.

The first camp will be run by March 2019!
From the 5th to the 11th, during the flowering season.
At this time, the Coffee Producers will have a bit freer time to receive us and be available to participate to the workshop we will organize for them.
  • Sensory skills
  • Barista Skills (by September 2019)
  • Brewing
  • Roasting (by September 2019)
  • Green Coffee
  • Workshops

50% of your fee will fund coffee education for coffee producers, coffee labs equipment, combine coffee huller / grader

52487912_3077693332256588_8715018878771527680_nAPRIL 2019: 2nd to 8th

Where this camps will be run?

In Nyeri, at Maguta Estate. Our hosts will be David Maguta, young farmer, and his mother.

Students and AST (Wouter Brunia from Amsterdam, ) will camps on David’s farm under tents and sleeping bag, help for cooking and enjoy living on the farm, picking fruits and veggies on the land, milking the cows… and many more things, like getting your SCA Education!

  • SCA Brewing intermediate + coffee farm workshops : € 1400
  • SCA Sensory Skills foundation + coffee farm workshops : € 1200
  • 2 modules + coffee farm workshops : € 2000
  • SCA certification incl.
  • 5 people max

AST : Wouter

info and booking: 


  • Bank transfer (contact Wouter)

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