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Kiyaka Farm


Which means greeting in Kisii!

Karibu in Kyiaka Farm, in Kisii county.

There, you will find Eddy and his wife Jackie who will welcome you to their beautiful and humble 2ha organic farm at an altitude of 2100m to 2250m above sea level.

Eddy and Jackie cultivate Batian, SL28 and Ruiru II, which they handpick themselves once a week.

Eddy contacted Raf last year through facebook. Once, Raf arrived to Kenya, Eddy sent us a sample of his coffee. It was one of the cleanest natural processed coffee we had. 

  • Medium acidity (like red berries, plum, fig)
  • Medium body (like syrupy jelly jam)
  • High sweetness (like ripped strawberry)
  • Long after taste of strawberry, passion fruit and vanilla20181125_083141

We decided to meet him and there we discovered his beautiful land.

Eddy is a strong believer in organic farming. The reason he decided to process his coffee naturally is, first, to cut off from co-op who paid him $0.25 / kg of cherries at best, unfortunately they always found a reason not to pay him. The second reason, it wash process pollute rivers if you don’t have the right, and costly, equipment to soften the water.

IMG_2973Eddy never used any chemical in his field and make sure that his cattle get fed only with organic grass and that none of his neighbours use chemicals (which cost them a lot!)

Eddy learned how about natural process on social media by talking with other farmers.

20181125_145323The first time we came we were absolutely stunned to find out that Eddy was drying his cherries on a sheet of metal, and still managed to produce such a beautiful coffee. That day we bought 1kg of coffee from Eddy, and we decided to help him to build drying beds and get a small coffee pulper in order to obtain his grower marketer license.

Since, Eddy and us build 3 beds with shades, which made his already delicious even more delicious, we offered him SCA membership, and SCA Sensory skills foundation, in order to cup his coffee (Eddy roasts, grinds and drinks his own coffee every morning!), Eva Muthuuri – Eva’s Coffee – (from EWIC Kenyan Chapter) got him a coffee pulper, and now he finally have his grower marketer license, which allows him to sell his beautiful coffee to the world!


  • Country: Kenya
  • County: Kisii
  • Altitude: 2100 to 2250m asl
  • 2 hectares
  • Varieties: SL28, Batian, Ruiru
  • Process: Natural (shade dried then sun dried)
  • Organic
  • Other crops: Banana, Camelia Sinensis, Maize

contact: WhatsApp +254726522265


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